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  • markg22
    December 17, 2016 at 8:24 am #5266

    Unable to make Better Weather vistor_location work correctly. I have done everything listed in documentation, but always show default location only, never detects by users IP. Trying to show visitor local forecast when they visit website.

    Have tried this manual code:
    [BetterWeather location=”41.2587,-95.9379″ visitor_location show_location=”on” show_date=”on” style=”modern” next_days=”true” bg_type=”natural” bg_color=”#fff” icons_type=”animated” font_color=”#fff” unit=”F” show_unit=”on”]

    Specifying Omaha, NE as the ‘location’ but visitor location is never detected. When I remove location it picks randomly some place overseas. I have also tried the widget, but auto detect location is NOT an option on the widget?

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