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Google Custom Search

What is Google Custom Search?

Google Custom Search enables you to create a search engine for your website, your blog, or a collection of websites. You can configure your engine to search both web pages and images. After setting this plugin, when a visitor searches for something in your website, instead of WordPress, Google handles that with comprehensive search in texts, images, tags, categories, etc.

Read more on Google Developers blog.

What is Google Custom Search Benefits?

  • Accurate and blazing-fast results
  • Fine-tune the ranking
  • Use the power of structured data and to bring users the right information in the right format
  • Customize the look of the search results to match your site’s design
  • Monetize the search by connecting your engine to your Google AdSense account

How Can I Activate Google Custom Search?

You can use Better Google Custom Search plugin which is included in Publisher package. Follow below steps.

  1. Go to Google Custom Search Engine Page (sign in your Google account)
  2. Click Create a custom search engine button
  3. In next page fill Sites to search input with your site address and click CREATE button
  4. In next page click Get code button and copy code in plugin page (in theme panel go to Better Studio → Google Search)
  5. Paste code into following Embed Code/Search ID input.

For further customization go to your Google CSE page. This plugin doesn’t need a new widget or any thing else, simply activate it and WordPress search turns to Google Search.

Can I Hide Google Ads in Google Custom Search Results?

Yes you can hide Google Ads in Better Google Custom Search plugin. Following steps show you how.

1- In theme panel go to Better Studio → Google Search

2- Set Show Ads in search page to Hide.

options of Better Google Custom Search
A Note About the Custom Search Results

You should notice all the results are creating by Google. So we cannot do any changes in it. Also Google handles the design of results and all options. Visit Google CSE page for options you are looking for.

Popular Compatible Plugins

Publisher has a standard design which makes most of the popular WordPress plugins compatible with it. If Publisher developer team recognize an incompatibility with one of the famous plugins or receive a bug report about it, will fix the problem ASAP.

Here are a list of famous plugins that we tested with Publisher. That does not mean if a plugin name is not contained it has a problem, it’s just mentioning the most famous plugins.

If you found a plugin incompatible with Publisher, please report it to us. Just keep in mind incompatibility means something goes wrong on your theme when you activate plugin, not that the plugin is doing something different with theme defaults (for example if you have a plugin that its task is to remove target=”_blank” attribute from your hyperlinks, it’s not theme incompatibility).

List of Highly Compatible Popular Plugins

Cache Plugins

Multilingual plugins

  • WPML
  • WP Globe
  • qTranslate
  • xili Language
  • Polylang


Please inform us about plugin incompatibility by creating new ticket.

Publisher Plugins

What are Publisher Plugins?

BetterStudio has produced different plugins and always tries to do its best not only in quality and features of plugins but also to provide a satisfying support of plugins. Most of the Publisher plugins are among the most strong ones of their field.

BetterStudio plugins are fully compatible with Publisher theme and most of the standard WordPress themes but for now they are exclusive for Publisher theme and cannot be downloaded or purchased (it might change in future).

BetterStudio plugins are included in Publisher package and add various and amazing features to that. Also there are other highly compatible free and premium plugins included in Publisher. Premium plugins probably save you more than 70$.

What Is the Theme Lock-in Effect?

Let’s say you get yourself a shiny new theme for your WordPress website. This theme provides everything that you need: it has built-in weather system, custom post types, and YouTube playlist style—even some room for adding SEO meta code.

You develop this website for a while. Later on, say after a few months, or maybe even a year, you decide to change your theme. You get another shiny new theme, and switch the themes, you notice that all your awesome built-in tools, custom post types, and a lot more has just vanished. Not deleted, not removed, nothing—just gone!

This is precisely what the theme lock-in effect is. By opting for a theme that performed tasks that it should not have performed in the first place, your website became locked to a particular theme, and the moment you changed your theme, everything fell out of place. Read complete article about theme lock-in effect.

Why BetterStudio Designs Exclusive Plugins?

To do not lock you in Publisher theme! Plugins feature could be built-in but what if you want to change your theme? Feel free! Publisher doesn’t restrict you, if you changed your theme, install BetterStudio plugins on new theme and don’t lose anything.

List of the Pre-installed Plugins on Publisher

BetterStudio Exclusive Plugins:

  • Better Ads Manager: Manage different type of Ads: Google Adsense (smart responsive), html, image, Google DFP in normal view and AMP. Select various positions and options for displaying Ads singular or as a campaign.
  • Better AMP: Build AMP version of all pages of your website. Customize Ads and menus for AMP view.
  • Better Social Counter: Counts and displays how many times your posts are shared. Impress your audience with your popularity by this beautiful tool.
  • Better Weather: Display weather (custom location or based on visitor IP) by connecting simultaneously to four most powerful weather forecasters. It’s using amazing animations and images that can be customized.
  • Better Google Custom Search: When visitors search in your website, let biggest search engine in the world takes care of that. This plugin can hide Google Ads.
  • Better Post Views: Count post views and display them in professional way according to number of views with various options, also compatible with widgets and Visual Composer for displaying popular posts.
  • Better Playlist: Organize displaying of YouTube Playlist and Vimeo Album on your website.
  • Better Facebook Comments: Let your audiences comment on your site by just logging into their Facebook account.
  • Better Disqus Comments: Let your audiences comment on your site by just logging into their Disqus account.
  • Switch to Publisher: Switch to Publisher from another themes or switch to BetterStudio plugins from another similar plugins without losing data or shortcodes.
  • Newsletter: Show your newsletter subscription forms with beautiful, organized and different styles
  • Advanced Blockquotes: The best way to show quote and citation!
  • Smart List: The best way to show lists and paged posts.

Premium Plugins

  • Visual Composer (save 34$)
  • Slider Revolution (save 25$)
  • Better Weather (save 14$)

Highly Compatible Free Plugins

Update Publisher Plugins

Every time a new version releases for one of Publisher plugins, you get a notification in admin area; then go to Publisher →  Plugins receive and install the updated plugin(s).

Uninstall & Re-install Publisher Plugins

You can delete Publisher plugins just like ordinary plugins; go to Plugins → Installed Plugins, first deactivate the plugin then delete it. If you changed your mind about deleted plugin, go to Publisher → Plugins, here you can install and activate the plugin.

An Important Note About Premium Plugins Activation

BetterStudio bought extended licence of two premium plugins, Visual Composer & Slider Revolution, so there is no need every individual user activate these two plugins by an activation code. Every time they get an update, you will see them in Publisher plugin update center (Go to Publisher → Plugins). Update them from here and don’t worry about their activation.

These type of plugins are called Bundled Plugins; they may ask for a purchase code for registration/activation once installed, however, you can simply ignore these messages as bundled plugins do not require activation or registration. The plugin will still work as intended with the theme once the Publisher has been registered. Read more about bundled plugins.