publisher demo

Uninstall Demo

By uninstalling a demo, everything that demo brought to your website will be deleted too. This is a major change when you have installed the demo including content. By the way, following steps show you how to uninstall a demo.

If you want to uninstall more than one demo, uninstall them in reverse order of installation. This means if you’ve installed demos in this order: demo1, demo2 and demo3, uninstall demo3 first then demo2 at last demo1

1- In theme panel go to Publisher → Install Demos.

2- Now you can see the list of demos, installed ones have Uninstall button. Clicking Uninstall, an alert box shows up.

uninstall demo in publisher

3- In this box click Yes, Uninstall, the process of uninstalling will start.

confirm demo uninstallation

Install Demo

For getting familiar with Publisher demos, read What is Publisher Demos? and if you wonder how to install demo in Publisher, keep reading this article.

Install Demo Including Content

You can install demo including its content. This means everything you see in a demo will be added to your website; widgets, menus, pages, posts and everything else.

By installing a demo including content, new content will be added to your website and your content is safe.

Following steps describe how to install a demo including content:

1- In theme panel go to Publisher → Install Demos.

2- Now you can see the list of demos. By clicking Preview, you will see a live preview of demo (image below).  Click Install to start the process of installing  demo.

install demo for publisher theme

3- There is a checkbox in installing alert (image below), if it’s checked, demo installs including its full content.

If you have contents on your website it’s highly recommended to uncheck this box.

demo installation option

Now you have a pre-created website and just need to customize it and create your own content.

Install Only Demo Setting

Repeat above steps 1 and 2. At step 3 uncheck the check box to just receive demo settings not all the content.
install publisher demo only setting

RTL Demos

All demos of Publisher support RTL but all of them do not have ready-to-use RTL demo. After installing English demo, if you have installed it with content, add your content and delete English contents which come with demo.  Also you can change theme layout and edit homepage blocks to make your website looks like demo website.

Publisher Demos

What is Publisher Demos?

If you are creating a new website, building everything (i.e widgets, menus, pages, even posts) to see the result of your website design, is cumbersome. But Publisher demos are here for you! Simply install one of them to bring what you see in to your website. Learn how to install demos.

We created 10 custom demos importing with only 1 click and we are working to add more demos ASAP.

Every demo has its own unique layout that developed for some specific content, however this is not a restriction and you can customize your be loving demo for different purpose.

Current Publisher Demos


If you publish technology and science news on your website or write related articles, this demo is for you. Optimized with dedicated details for technology lovers.


Everything you need from a classic and soothing design for one website.


What’s better than a fashioned design for a fashion website!








There are also two RTL demos for users using right to left languages.