How to Add a New Content Block?

Edit your page and add as many as content blocks you desire. If you don’t know how, follow steps below.

1- In theme panel go to Pages → All Pages, edit the page you want to customize or add a new page by clicking Add New at top of the page (I add a new page).

2- Here you see three Add items (red rectangular in image below). If you don’t know how to start working with Visual Composer(VC), there is a link knowledge base (yellow rectangular) click on that and read about working with VC on its website.

Add new items by Visual Composer

3- For adding content blocks, click on Add Element, then you will see a modal showing up like below

select content block

4- Scroll this list and select the block you want to use. If you didn’t select one, see Publisher Blocks.

5- Now a modal (pop-up) shows up (see below image). Every tab and option in this modal will be explained in next sections of Homepage blocks. So for more information read those sections.

content block setting modal

How to Manage Content Blocks Location?

Content blocks managing with VC is very user friendly (follow VC tutorials for learning more about working with VC or follow VC video tutorials).

Change location of a block: For changing location of a block, drag and drop it as showed in below gif

replacing content blocks in visual composer

Add blocks side by side: Hover the icon showed in below gif and select what the pattern you want

Change columns number in visual composer

Add an empty location: Click on + icon to add an empty column. Add a new content block to it or drag and drop an existing one.