What is Mobile Header?

In mobile devices, header (i.e logo, menu and Topbar) changes into Mobile Header. This header is compact and is very customizable. Let’s take a look at its options.

Mobile Header Options

Find its options in Publisher → Theme Options → Header → Mobile Header

mobile header options

1- Mobile Logo: By default, a text-based logo is created using your site title. But you can also upload an image-based logo here.

2- Mobile Retina Logo(2x): You can upload a Retina Image. It’s dimensions should be exactly double in comparison with normal Logo.

3- Sections of Mobile Header & Menu: Enable sections you want to show in mobile header. Items are:

  • Login Form
  • Topbar Navigation
  • Search Form
  • Social Icons

4-Header Color Scheme: There are two options for the color scheme:

  • Dark Style
  • Light Style

5-Background Style: Select a style for your background. Options are:

  • Gradient
  • Simple Color
  • Background-image

5- Gradient/Background Color/Background Image: Depending on what you selected in option number 4, you should select a gradient, color or image for mobile menu background.

Mobile Menu (Responsive Menu)

The menu displayed in mobile (or responsive) header is called “Responsive Menu”. Read more about creating and selecting menus.