How to Translate Publisher Admin?

How to Translate Publisher Admin Area

You can download and install WordPress in your language if it exists. To see which languages are available see Translate WordPress. But these are just translation of WordPress admin and do not affect what your visitors see or your admins. You can collaborate in translating Publisher admin panel. It’s simple and just needs a little interest; simply install Loco Translate Plugin. Activate it, then in your WordPress panel go to Loco Translate → Themes → Publisher and click on New Language. For further information see Loco Beginner’s Guide. Start translating Publisher admin area and when you are done, save your work.

Actually you are translating publisher.pot file which you can find it in theme folder publisher → languages. This plugin makes it very simple to edit, translate and finally generate .po & .mo files of translation.

Share Your Translation With Us

Now you can send these files to BetterStudio by creating a new ticket. We will revise your translation and will use it in next version of Publisher.

It would be pleasure for us to use your dedicated translation in Publisher. Feel free and make a translation of Publisher admin in your motherhood language. From then on, you and your compatriots can see Publisher admin in your awesome language. Thank you beforehand.


What is Theme Translation?

There are words in your website, you see them frequently and they are in your theme, not in your content not affected by changing language of WordPress. For example you see “Search” label on search button, and you want to change it to other language or even other English word. Theme translation is here for you! find it in Publisher → Theme Translation. We even made it easier by providing you pre-translations.

There are two types of theme translation:

  • Pre-translation
  • Custom translation


Publisher translated to more than 30 languages, thanks to its nice customers. Just select your language in translation panel and it’s done. Look at Publisher languages list:

  1. English (US)
  2. Chinese
  3. Spanish
  4. Hindi
  5. Arabic
  6. Arabic (Morocco)
  7. Arabic (Egypt)
  8. Portuguese
  9. Bengali
  10. Russian
  11. Japanese (Japan)
  12. Punjabi
  13. German
  14. Javanese
  15. Malay
  16. Telugu
  17. Vietnamese
  18. Korean (South Korea)
  19. French
  20. French (Belgium)
  21. Marathi
  22. Tamil
  23. Urdo
  24. Turkish (Turkey)
  25. Italian
  26. Thai (Thailand)
  27. Persian (Iran)
  28. Polish
  29. Greek
  30. Hungarian
  31. Romanian (Romania)
  32. Dutch (Netherland)
  33. Indonesian (Indonesia)

New languages will be added in the future for sure. But how can I use a Pre-translation in Publisher?

Go to Publisher → Theme Translation → Texts → Load Translation, now select your language.

list of pre-translations of themeAfter selecting a language, you can even make your own changes. For more information read below, Custom Translation.

Custom Translation

Here you can change one or more or even all words of a language. For this purpose, go to Theme Translation → Texts.

Different items for custom translation in PublisherTexts of different parts are categorized. First category, Date & Times, is a little different and will explain it in a different part (read below). Select the one to change and you will see a list of words like below.

Original text and translated text in PublisherOriginal word on the left, and translation on the right. Change it and press Save Translations.

Translate Date & Time Format (Change date & time format)

As mentioned above in Custom Translation, Date & Time translation is a little different. Go toTheme Translation → Texts → Date & Times.

Select Date and Time format in PublisherRead WordPress Formatting Date & Time for more information. In simple words, here you can set how your times display. For example: Feb, February and 2, are all equivalent to second month of year, February; but have different format characters; “M” for Feb, “F” for February and “m” for 2.

Add New Translation to Pre-Translations or Improve Existing One

You want to add your language to Publisher which is not contained in this list? or try to improve existing pre-translation? It would be great! and also simple, most of Publisher pre-translations are created by our awesome customers. Keep reading to know how.

First of all, for adding a new language, select “English – US” in Pre-Translation and translate every word like what have said in Custom Translation (see above). For improving existing language, select that language in Pre-translation and change words you want to correct.

Go to Publisher → Theme Translation → Texts → Help the community.

Add new translation to PublisherClick Send Translation.

Select a language and share translation in PublisherIn drop-down menu select the language you translated or improved, then click on Send translation or correction. We will receive these translations and revise them, if they seem Ok, publish them in next version of Publisher. Thank you beforehand!