What are Blocks and Listings?

Publisher uses Visual Composer(VC) plugin as page builder to build awesome pages. The most sophisticated feature of VC is its add-ons. Add-ons increase VC abilities and options. You can buy VC add-ons on its website but Publisher provides you 80+ add-ons for free. Publisher add-ons (i.e blocks and listings) cover large range of styles and functionalities and also are fully customizable.

How Can I Customize Blocks and Listings?

There is a general option panel for Block and Listing; when you change these options, you see the changes in every where that block or listing is using. There is another option for every single widget that you create with VC in your page. The latter could override the first. OK we divide this customization into two parts:

  1. General Options
  2. Specific Options

A. General Options of Publisher Blocks and Listings

For example when you want to make changes to all Modern Grid 1 block in your website, go to general options. Options differs here block to block or listing to listing but generally these are the options:

  • Title Length
  • Excerpt Length (Subtitle Length for some blocks)
  • Post format icon (Standard, Video, Gallery, Audio, Aside, Image, Quote, Status, Chat, Link)
  • Category Badge
  • Post Meta (Author, Date, Views, Shares, Comments, Review)

General options are described in details in Block Settings.

B. Specific Options of Publisher Blocks and Listings

For specific options of a content block in Publisher, read Homepage Blocks to know more about all specific options.