What is Post Format?

Every post format has its own style and features for a special content post. For example in Video post format, you can display an external video instead of featured image. There are 10 different post formats in Publisher.

How I Can Select Post Format?

Edit the post (or when you are writing new post), you can find Format accordion menu in the sidebar.

10 different post formats in Publisher

Select the format you want. Keep reading to know what are these formats and how you can use them.

Publisher Post Formats

Here we introduce 10 different post formats in Publisher.

1- Standard

It is the standard post format. It is just an ordinary post with awesome Publisher WordPress theme.

2- Video

Select a video for this post from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video link, and featured image will be replaced by this video. Note this happens in post page and featured image still shows up in content blocks and widgets. For using this post format, see image below.

Video post format in Publisher

Select “video” in Format menu, then paste the video link in Feature Video-Audio Code. Just remember this post format only works with three page templates: 1, 10 & 13, otherwise, the video won’t show up.

3- Gallery

Build an image gallery in post content, then Publisher automatically eliminate this gallery from post and show it as a slider instead of featured image in post page. It is not important where is your gallery or how many galleries you have, Publisher automatically selects the first gallery in post content.

Galery post format in Publisher

This post format works with three page templates: 1, 10 & 13. If you don’t know how add image gallery:

  • Click Add Media
  • On the sidebar of opened window, select Create Gallery
  • Select bunch of images, finally click on Create a new gallery

4- Audio

Everything is exactly the same as Video post format. Select Audio post format and paste audio link in Feature Video-Audio Code. Templates 1, 10 & 13 should be used for this format.

5- Aside

Use a different format for your aside notes (different from website main subject). It’s just different in layout of the page to notice your visitor this is just an “aside”.

Aside post format in Publisher

6- Image

Sometimes you want visitors know one post contains images. “Image” post format made it easy for you; adds simply an image Format Badge on post featured image. Add your images in post content and select this post format to inform your visitors about images.

7- Quote

Just like “Aside” post format, it changes layout of the post to emphasize this is different from other posts in website. Make the whole post seems as a “quote”.

8- Status

Use another unique style for your posts with different subject.

9- Chat

This is a brilliant feature in Publisher! you can simulate conversational environment between people up to 12 negotiators!

Chat post format in Publisher

This an awesome format for telling stories and publishing interviews.

10- Link

This format is useful when you want to redirect visitor to another link or even another website when he/she clicks on post. Of course this post still has its own URL link and you can use it to send users to the post itself, but by clicking on the post for example in homepage, users redirect to another link. In the post page, post title is an hyperlink linked to the target page.

Format Badge

Every Post Format (except Standard) has its own badge displaying on its featured image to inform visitors about post type, for example this post contains images or video.

Post Format Badges in Publisher

Image above displays Post Format Badges, standard post format not included because it doesn’t have a badge.

Disable Format Badge

If you don’t like post format badges you can deactivate them.

In Post

Go to Publisher → Theme Options → General → Single → Post → Single Post Settings, now find “Post Format Icon” and toggle it to grey.

In Content Blocks

1- Edit the page (for example Homepage)

2- Edit the content block you want to hide icons in it

Edit content block in homepage

3- Click on Design Options tab

4- Toggle Override Listing Settings? to “On”

Override settings in content block

5- Toggle Post Format Icon to grey

Hide post format icon for content blocks