Publisher has a standard design which makes most of the popular WordPress plugins compatible with it. If Publisher developer team recognize an incompatibility with one of the famous plugins or receive a bug report about it, will fix the problem ASAP.

Here are a list of famous plugins that we tested with Publisher. That does not mean if a plugin name is not contained it has a problem, it’s just mentioning the most famous plugins.

If you found a plugin incompatible with Publisher, please report it to us. Just keep in mind incompatibility means something goes wrong on your theme when you activate plugin, not that the plugin is doing something different with theme defaults (for example if you have a plugin that its task is to remove target=”_blank” attribute from your hyperlinks, it’s not theme incompatibility).

List of Highly Compatible Popular Plugins

Cache Plugins

Multilingual plugins

  • WPML
  • WP Globe
  • qTranslate
  • xili Language
  • Polylang


Please inform us about plugin incompatibility by creating new ticket.