bbPress is a powerful plugin for building forums in WordPress websites. It doesn’t take up many server  resources, adds forums to WP website very easily and also has a built-in feature for preventing spams. It is a extensive plugin and can create custom forums very easily and also keeps flexibility of WordPress itself.

Publisher supports this plugin and you can use it for creating your forums very easily. Let’s take a look at what this plugin gives to us.


You can create multiple forums and use them for different topics in different parts of your website. It’s possible to create a child forum for another forum (parent forum). You can see a simple demo of bbPress forums in Publisher here.

bbPress Forums in Publisher


Create one category page in bbPress and add as many as forums to it.


Every forum should contains one or some topics. Users can create new topics in forums and start a discussion.

bbPress Topics in Publisher


Users can reply to topics created by you or other tickets. In this way they discuss each other about the topic.

bbPress Replies in Publisher