What are Publisher Blocks and Listings?

Publisher uses content blocks for making pages. This is a very flexible method for creating awesome pages and provides a wide customizability. Use Visual Composer(VC) plugin to manage these content blocks in your pages; “Pages” means all post types. Most of Publisher blocks are exclusively designed for Publisher theme.

Publisher provides you nearly 80 exclusive add-ons for free (58 content blocks and 19 widgets). Publisher add-ons cover large range of styles and functionalities and also are fully customizable.

Here is the list of Publisher content blocks:

  • Mix Listing (18 item)
  • Modern Grid Listing (10 item)
  • Slider Listing (3 item)
  • Blogs Listing (5 item)
  • Classic Listing (3 item)
  • Tail Listing (2 item)
  • Grid Listing (2 item)
  • Thumbnail Listing (3 item)
  • Text Listing (4 item)
  • Box Block (4 item)
  • YouTube and Vimeo Block (4 item)

If you want to see demos of the Publisher content blocks, go to http://demo.betterstudio.com/publisher/ and in main menu go to Features → Content Blocks, look at below image

live demo of publisher content blocks

Now by clicking on every block, you see a demo of that. For example click on Blog 4.block listing 4 Publisher

At the top of the page you see a full list of content blocks.

List of content blocks - Publisher blocks and listings

Take a tour in these content blocks and choose which one you want to use for your homepage (or other pages). Then read How to use content blocks.