“Better Share Count” plugin counts the number of your posts’ Facebook share. By default, it connects to BetterStudio servers and collect the data and display them in your website. But Facebook has a limitation for number of requests per second. So sometimes this limitation reaches (because this plugin has thousands of users) and a notification shows up in WordPress admin area. This suggests you to use your own Facebook App ID & Secret code.

Facebook App Id & Secret code notification

When you see this, our server limitation has reached and you need an independent access to FB for receiving your data.

How to Create Facebook App ID & App Secret

Facebook developers blog explains how to create FB App Id & App Secret.

How to Use FB App ID & App secret in Publisher

Now you have App Id & Secret, go to Publisher → Theme Options → Share Box → Facebook APP settings, here you can find corresponding fields for entering ID & Secret code.

Enter Facebook App Id & App Secret in Publisher

Click Save Options and it’s done.

Facebook caches number of shares for 6 hours. Because of that, sometimes you see the recent share counts with a delay.