What is Share box?

Share box contains icons of different social networks which a visitor can simply shares your post by clicking on icon of the network he/she wants. This boosts your content sharing on social networks; more sharing, more visitors. For example Facebook has hundredth of million page views per day,  what happens if your post goes viral on it!?

So do not miss this enormous potential and right now do the setups of your share box.

Share Box Offers You…

  • 22 different and beautiful styles for buttons. See demo
  • 15 different networks button + email share button + print button
  • Adding share button to bottom and top of the posts/pages with different styles
  • Count number of shares
  • Share with full URL or short URL

Share Box Options

To find these options go to Publisher → Theme Options → Share Box

share box options

1- Show Share Box In Single: Add share links in posts single page. It’s possible to add buttons to top or bottom or both positions.
2- Top Share Buttons Style: Choose style of post top share buttons.
3- Bottom Share Buttons Style: Choose style of post top share buttons. Bottom buttons style will be top buttons style if you select “Default” for this option.
4- Show Share Count? Show post share count in share box.
5- Drag and Drop To Sort The Items: Select active social share links and sort them by drag and drop.
6- URL in Social Share: You can change social share URL with this option. Use full URL or short URL.
This can be useful for your old share plugin compatibility or when your slug have UTF8 characters (non-English characters) which make some problems in social sites.
7- Show Share Box In Pages: Add share links to pages.
8- Facebook APP Settings: Read more at How to Enter Facebook App ID & App Secret.