Blocks & Widgets Heading Style

There are 34 different heading styles for widgets and content blocks in Publisher.  Select a default style for headings and override it in single block/widget if you want. See demo of all heading styles.

For choosing the default heading style go to Publisher → Theme Options → General → Blocks & Widgets Heading Style

select default heading style

Click onChange and select between 34 different styles.

Heading in Content Blocks

heading style in single content block

1- Custom Name: Select a name for this block. It can be shown as block title.

2- Custom Name Icon: Select an icon for showing beside block’s title.

3- Hide listing name? Hide or show block title.

4- Heading Custom Color: Change block heading color.

5- Custom Heading Style: Select a heading style for this block. By selecting “Default”, it uses default heading you selected in theme options.

For overriding heading style in widgets read widgets global options.