AMP has many restrictions and probably as the toughest one, JavaScript is mostly forbidden on AMP sites. This made it impossible to publish Ads on AMP pages at first it lunched but don’t worry now, you have Publisher and its plugins! Publisher with Better Ads & Better AMP plugins, are fully armed to display Ads in different Ad Locations in AMP pages.

What Type of Ads I Can Use in AMP Pages?

All Ad types! Google Adsense, Google DFP, Image Ad and HTML Ad are possible to use in AMP Ads.

AMP Ad Location

There are 11 different Ad Locations for AMP pages (see a full list of Ad Locations). Below you see the list of AMP Ad Locations:

  1. After Header
  2. Before Post Title
  3. After Post title
  4. Above Post Content
  5. Inside Post Content (After X Paragraph)
  6. Middle Post Content
  7. Below Post Content
  8. After Comments & Share Section
  9. Footer Ad
  10. After Archive Page Title
  11. After X Posts

What are you waiting for? Use full advertising potential of your website.

How to Show Ads in Amp Pages?

Creating Banners & Campaigns and also showing Ads in Ad Locations are fully covered in Ads section of Publisher documentation. Speaking generally, create a banner/campaign (just don’t remember to select AMP Ad for its Ad type) then use this banner/campaign in AMP Ad Locations. It’s all you have to do.