Since you are here, we imagine you are going to install and use Publisher for the first time and procedure starts at installation.

Stared steps (*) are compulsory. Others are Optional.

1- Install *

First of all install theme on your server: Installation

If you want to use “child-theme”: Install Child-theme

After installing theme it should be activated. Go to Appearance → Themes and activate “Publisher”. If you want to use child-theme, activate “Publisher Child Theme”.

2- Register *

For one license it’s possible to:

3- Migrate

Use the most similar look of your old theme in Publisher, as we say “migrate to Publisher”: Publisher Migrator

4- Plugins *

Install plugins come in Publisher package. “WPBakery” is necessary if you want to use Publisher blocks and capabilities. Others are optional. Install Plugins

5- Demo

It’s time to install a demo and give your website a new look. Visit our demo website and check demos to find the most suitable one for yourself. Now install the demo: Install demo

“Demo” is not marked as compulsory step but it is needed to make the most of the Publisher.

6- Homepage

There are several ready-to-use templates for homepage in every demo. Take a look at them and install one: Homepage Template

Note: Make sure you have set the template as homepage.

Okay, Good…

Essential steps are done. From now on, we mention changes which users frequently want in new theme.

7- Edit Homepage Content

You can use different blocks and listings and sidebars in your homepage also change their content.

Homepage Builder

How to Use content Blocks

Post Filter

8- Sidebar and Widgets

Managing them is the same as all other WordPress themes. The difference is many custom widgets in Publisher.

Publisher Custom Widgets


9- Menus

Read below doc for complete tutorial about menus.


What About Other Options?

Steps can go on depends on changes user wants to apply. We recommend users to take a tour in our documentation and read it. Most of the questions are answered in docs tutorials.