You can create a backup of your theme options and restore it when you need. We highly recommend you to create a backup before every theme update in the case of a failure.

This is just a recovery file for theme options and it is different from WordPress backup. Try to create backups from your WordPress site and it’s database time to time, specially before updates. In the case of any problem, you can safely recover your website.

Also you can reset the settings you made to the theme defaults. Some tabs have their own reset button.

Go to Publisher → Theme Options → Backup & Restore

create, restore and reset backup in Publisher

Create a backup of theme options:

Click on Download Backup and save the file.

Restore a backup of theme options:

If you have created a backup of theme options before, choose the file and click Import to restore it.

Reset theme options:

Click on Reset Options to reset the theme options to default settings of Publisher.

As mentioned above, some tabs have their own reset button. Color & Style, Typography, Blocks & Listings and Advanced tabs have reset button for their own.

Be aware about the difference between Theme Options & Plugins; Some BetterStudio plugins like “Better AMP“, have their own option for Import/Export plugin settings. For more information read their documentation.