You can create multiple forums and use them for different topics in different parts of your website. It’s possible to create a child forum for another forum (parent forum). You can see a simple demo of bbPress forums in Publisher here.

How to Create a New Forum

Go to Forums → All Forums now click on “New Forum” at top of the page.

Create new forum in bbPress

1- Title: Select a title for new forum.

2- Description: Write a description for this forum. This will be displayed below the forum title (in forum page).

3- Type: Select a type between “Category” and “Forum”. Read more about difference between a ‘Category’ and a ‘Forum’ in bbPress.

4- Status: Open/close this forum

5- Visibility: Select visibility between “Public”, “Private” and “Hidden”.

6- Parent: Select another forum or category as parent for this form or category. You can create as many as child-forum for a parent-forum.

7- Order: Select an order for displaying forums when several of them are showing in one page. The bigger order the lower position.