Multi Tabs

When you add a new content block as described in How to use content block?, a modal shows up with some tabs. One of them is Multi Tabs. Follow to know how to use multiple tabs this new content block.

Below image is an example of blocks tabs. When you select an option for multi tabs other than No Tab, one or more tabs appear on the header of the block. Keep reading, we describe it in more details.

This is how blocks tabs look like
This is how tabs look like

Categories as Tab:

Select categories as tab

1- Selected Categories as Tab: Select the category you want to display under the tab or select several categories by holding CTRL key (COMMAND in Mac). These categories have nothing to do with those selected in Posts Filter.

2- Tabs content type: When you select Differed Content, content of the tabs won’t be downloaded till the moment the visitor clicks on them. In this way the page loads faster because less content would be downloaded. There is a probability some of the visitors never click on these tabs, then why should they download the content?

However if you insist on downloading all the content by all visitors, select Preloaded Content.

Sub Categories as Tab:

Select sub categories as tab

When you select this, automatically sub-categories of primary category selected in the Posts Filter will be the tabs.

Taxonomies as Tab:

Select taxonomies as tab

You can select some taxonomies to show them as tabs. Enter custom taxonomies with “taxonomy:term_id” pattern also separate multiple taxonomies with commas. ( ex: genre:200,genre:212,writer:120 ). So you can use tags as a taxonomy for blocks tabs; enter it as “tag:99” which shows tag with ID 99. Read How to Find Post, Category or Tag ID.


1- When you want to show blocks tabs, “Heading” should be visible. See below image.

Show content block heading

2- If you select many tabs, some of them, depending on block width, go under “All” item.