What are Facebook and Disqus Comments?

Many websites ask users to sign in before letting them to comment. There are reasons why website owners do that; inform them about new comment or reply by email so they come back to website, track user activity, block spams, and etc. But some people are not in the mode for signing up! mostly because he/she has experienced a cumbersome sign up before or has been asked for weird information.

There is another alternative for that: users sign in simply by account of another platform they have signed up before.

The most famous platforms for this purpose are Facebook and Disqus. Publisher Better Facebook Comments and Better Disqus Comments plugins let users sign in with Facebook and Disqus accounts, respectively, and submit their comment.

How to Activate Facebook Comments?

1- Activate Better Facebook Comments plugin in Plugins page.

2- Go to Better Studio → Facebook Comments

3- Read official documentation to create new app.

4- Paste created “App ID” into App ID field.

Activate Facebook Comments

How to Activate Disqus Comments?

1- Activate Better Disqus Comments plugin in Plugins page.

2- Go to Better Studio → Disqus Comments

3- Read this page and register your site shortname.

4- Paste the shortname in Site Shortname.

activate Better Disqus comments

How to Show Multiple Comment Platforms

When you activated Better Disqus Comments or Better Facebook Comments, WordPress comment will be replaced by Disqus or Facebook comment platform, respectively. There is an option in Publisher which lets you to activate multiple comment platforms. Follow the steps:

1- In theme panel go to Publisher → Theme Options → General → Single → Comments

2- Change Multiple Comment to Active (see below image)

3- Select what platforms you want to use in Multiple Comment Providers

activate multiple comments in Publisher theme