What is Category Slider?

It shows you top posts of category in archive page. It cannot be hidden, showing posts normally or use Slider Revolution to create a slider for it.

Category Slider in Publisher

How to Change Category Slider

Go to Publisher → Theme Options → General → Archive → Category → Category Slider

Override Category Slider options in Publisher for one category

1- Categories Slider Type: Select a type for displaying category top posts. It has 3 options:

  • Disabled: Do not show top posts.
  • Top Posts: Show top posts without slider. Style of these posts can be selected in options 1 & 2.
  • Slider Revolution: Select one slider created by Slider Revolution plugin for displaying top posts. Select this slider in option number 11.

2- Category Top Posts Style: Select style for displaying category top posts. This works if you select “Top Posts” in above option.

3- Overlay Gradient: Select top post items overlay style.

4- Categories Top Slider Revolution: (not shown in above image) This option works if you select “Slider Revolution” in option number 1. Select a “Slider Revolution” slider for top of categories. Remember create a slider in Slider Revolution plugin first then you can see it here.

Override Category Slider Options for Specific Category

Above options are common for all categories archive page but could be overridden for every single category. To do that:

Go to Posts → Categories, edit the category you want.

Scroll down to Better Category Options meta box.

Click on Slider tab.

Now everything is just the same as what said before for How to Change Category Slider but this applies just to this category archive page.